Shimano ES600

Shimano ES600

Lightweight and performance: the perfect ally for your road routes

The Shimano ES600 SPD Pedal is a high-performance pedal specially designed for road cycling. With its wide platform, it offers efficient power transfer from your SPD shoes, ensuring that every pedaling effort counts. In addition, its compatibility with SPD cleat shoes allows you to walk safely and comfortably when you get off the bike.



✓ Designed for Road Success

The Shimano ES600 SPD Pedal has been developed with the most demanding cyclists in mind. Its wide platform design allows efficient pedaling and optimal power transfer, maximizing performance on your road routes.

✓ Lightweight and Resilient

Thanks to its aluminum construction, the Shimano ES600 SPD Pedal stands out for its lightweight without compromising durability. This allows you to enjoy agile and precise pedaling without sacrificing durability.

✓ Maximum Walking Comfort

When you're off the bike, compatibility with SPD cleat shoes ensures safe and comfortable walking. Forget about slips and enjoy your stops during your routes worry-free.

✓ Customize Your Experience

The Shimano ES600 SPD Pedal allows you to adjust the tension of entry and release to adapt it to your personal preferences. Find the perfect adjustment level that gives you the confidence and comfort you need in every pedal stroke.

Get efficient and comfortable road cycling with the Shimano ES600 SPD Pedal

Details and Technologies

High-Performance Pedal

Designed for road cycling and touring, with single-side entry for added convenience.


The lightest Shimano pedal for road bikes, weighing just 279 grams per pair.

Efficient Power Transfer

Wide platform that allows efficient power transfer from SPD shoes.

Comfortable Walking

Compatible with SPD cleat shoes for safe and comfortable walking off the bike.

Customizable to Your Preferences

Adjustable tension for entry and release, customizable to your preferences.

The Shimano ES600 SPD Pedal is the ideal choice for cyclists looking for the perfect combination of lightweight, efficiency, and comfort on their road routes. With its wide platform design and compatibility with cleat shoes, it ensures optimal pedaling and an unmatched experience.