Shimano PD-GR500

Shimano PD-GR500

Efficiency on any terrain, exceptional durability.

The Shimano PD-GR500 pedal is the perfect solution if you are looking for a versatile pedal for road and off-road cycling. Its concave design and adjustable height pins provide maximum efficiency uphill and stability downhill. Additionally, its sealed bearings keep moisture and dirt at bay for a durable and low-maintenance pedal.



✓ Designed for enduro cycling

The Shimano PD-GR500 pedal is specially designed for enduro cyclists. Its high-grip platform provides the confidence needed to tackle the most demanding terrains, while its durability and low maintenance make it an ideal choice for long days in the mountains.

✓ Key features

One of the key features of this pedal is its mud-shedding capability, which prevents buildup on the surface and affects traction. Additionally, its concave design offers greater pedaling efficiency and its robust construction ensures a long service life.

✓ Advantages of using the Shimano PD-GR500

By choosing the Shimano PD-GR500 pedal, you will enjoy the following advantages: a high-grip platform for a secure connection with the shoe, exceptional durability thanks to its high-quality construction, and versatility for all types of cycling, from commuting to electric mountain biking.

✓ The perfect choice for demanding cyclists

If you are a cyclist looking for a high-performance, durable, and versatile pedal, the Shimano PD-GR500 is the perfect choice. Its ergonomic design, combined with innovative features and robust construction, will provide you with the best performance on your bike adventures.

The Shimano PD-GR500 bicycle pedal offers a durable and versatile platform for all types of cycling, from commuting to e-MTB. With its concave design and adjustable height pins, it provides excellent uphill efficiency and downhill stability. Its sealed bearings ensure durability and low maintenance.

Details and Technologies

High-grip platform

The PD-GR500 features a concave design and nine adjustable height pins, creating a high-grip platform for flat-soled cycling shoes. Even in wet and muddy conditions, the open design prevents dirt buildup and provides a secure connection between the pedal and shoe.

Durability and low maintenance

This pedal is built with a high-quality cast aluminum alloy, making it strong and durable. Additionally, its chromoly axle and sealed bearings ensure smooth and long-lasting operation with minimal maintenance required.

Great mud-shedding capability

The open platform of the PD-GR500 allows mud to flow through the pedal, maintaining excellent contact between the shoe and pedal. This ensures optimal traction even on difficult and muddy terrain.

Versatility for all types of cycling

The PD-GR500 is designed to be compatible with flat-soled shoes, making it an excellent choice for different cycling disciplines, from commuting to electric mountain biking. Its versatile design allows you to enjoy exceptional performance on any terrain.

Ergonomic design for comfort

The concave shape of the PD-GR500 pedal perfectly adapts to the foot, providing greater comfort during long rides. The adjustable height pins allow you to customize the connection between the pedal and shoe for a perfect fit and optimal performance.

The Shimano PD-GR500 bicycle pedal offers an unbeatable experience in terms of performance, durability, and versatility. Whether you are dedicated to daily commuting or electric mountain biking, this pedal will provide you with the confidence to tackle any challenge. Don't wait any longer and get the PD-GR500 today!