Shimano PD-M540

Shimano PD-M540

Lightweight, reliable, and excellent mud-shedding capability.

The Shimano PD-M540 bike pedal is designed for cross country riders and is perfect for those looking for reliable and high-level performance. With its lightweight design and mud-shedding capability, this pedal offers an optimal cycling experience in any condition.



✓ Designed for advanced XC

The Shimano PD-M540 bike pedal has been specially designed for advanced cross country riders looking for exceptional performance. Its lightweight design and mud-shedding capability make it perfect for the demanding conditions of XC.

✓ Outstanding performance and reliability

With the PD-M540, you can rely on efficient and secure pedaling on your XC routes. Its mud-shedding capability ensures a reliable connection, while its engagement adjustments allow you to customize the force required for a perfect pedaling experience.

✓ Benefits of SPD cleat pedal

The SPD cleats included in the PD-M540 pedal offer greater control over the bike and increased energy transfer efficiency. Additionally, its side release design makes it easy to disengage in emergency situations, providing you with greater security on your XC routes.

✓ Durable and low-maintenance performance

Thanks to its high-quality construction, the PD-M540 guarantees durable and reliable performance. Its durable chromoly axle and long-lasting sealed bearings require minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your XC routes worry-free.

The Shimano PD-M540 bike pedal is ideal for advanced XC riders. With its lightweight design, mud-shedding capability, and adjustable engagement, it offers a reliable and high-performance experience.

Details and Technologies

Lightweight clipless pedal

Weighing only 352 grams, the PD-M540 is one of the lightest pedals in its class, allowing you to enjoy agile and fast performance in your XC races.

Excellent mud-shedding design

The engagement mechanism of the PD-M540 is designed to shed mud and debris, ensuring a reliable connection and smooth disengagement in any condition.

Adjustable engagement and disengagement

This pedal features tension adjustments that allow you to customize the force required to engage and disengage, providing a feeling of confidence and security.

Durable and low-maintenance construction

The PD-M540 is equipped with a durable chromoly axle and long-lasting sealed bearings, ensuring its durability and smooth operation with minimal maintenance.

Includes SPD cleats

The pedal comes with included SPD cleats, allowing you to start using it immediately without the need to purchase cleats separately.

In summary, the Shimano PD-M540 bike pedal is the perfect choice for advanced XC riders looking for a lightweight, reliable, and excellent mud-shedding capability pedal. With its high-quality design and outstanding performance, this pedal will provide you with an optimal experience on your XC routes.