Shimano PD-R9100

Shimano PD-R9100

Power and efficiency in every pedal stroke.

The Shimano PD-R9100 bicycle pedal is the ultimate expression of performance and efficiency in the renowned Dura-Ace line. Designed to meet the demands of road cyclists, triathletes, and serious competitors, this pedal stands out for its lightweight, rigidity, and wide platform.



✓ Designed for high-performance on the road

The Shimano PD-R9100 bicycle pedal is specifically designed for the most demanding road cyclists. Its lightweight and rigid construction, combined with the wide platform and high-quality bearings, guarantee exceptional performance with every pedal stroke.

✓ Highlighted features

This pedal features a series of characteristics that make it stand out among the competition. From its lightweight and rigidity to its extra wide platform and quality bearings, the PD-R9100 offers an unparalleled pedaling experience.

✓ Benefits of using the Shimano PD-R9100

By choosing the PD-R9100, cyclists will experience optimal power transfer, increased comfort and stability, as well as the ability to customize the ease of engaging and releasing the shoes. Additionally, with the included SPD-SL cleats, they will be ready for action right away.

✓ A pedal for the most demanding cyclists

Whether you are a road cyclist, triathlete, or simply a serious competitor seeking the best performance on every ride, the Shimano PD-R9100 bicycle pedal is the perfect choice. With its lightweight, rigidity, and innovative technologies, this pedal will take you to the next level.

The Shimano PD-R9100 bicycle pedal is the highest-performing and most efficient model in the Dura-Ace line. Lightweight, rigid, and with a wide platform, it is the ideal choice for road cyclists, triathletes, and serious competitors.

Details and Technologies

Optimal lightweight and rigidity

With an injected carbon body, the PD-R9100 is extremely lightweight and rigid, ensuring optimal pedaling performance on every ride.

Exceptional power transfer

Its extra wide platform allows for a greater contact area between the shoe and the pedal, improving efficiency in power transfer from the cyclist to the bike.

Stability and comfort

The wide distribution of bearings provides even load distribution and prevents hot spots, ensuring a stable and comfortable pedaling experience.

Customizable fit

The adjustable entry and release tension settings allow for customizing the ease or difficulty of engaging and releasing the shoes from the pedal, adapting to the individual preferences of the cyclist.

Includes SPD-SL cleats

Each pair of PD-R9100 pedals includes SPD-SL cleats for a firmer connection between the shoe and the pedal, enhancing pedaling efficiency and stability.

In summary, the Shimano PD-R9100 bicycle pedal is the ultimate option for road cyclists and triathletes seeking superior performance. Its lightweight, rigidity, and wide platform combine to offer optimal power transfer and an unmatched pedaling experience. Don't wait any longer and elevate your performance with the PD-R9100.